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Découvrez le taux de change actuel de votre crypto-monnaie par rapport à d’autres actifs numériques. Il vous suffit de sélectionner la crypto-monnaie à votre goût pour connaître sa valeur actuelle par rapport aux autres monnaies. Grâce à notre convertisseur de monnaie pratique, vous serez toujours au courant des taux de change actuels et pourrez prendre des décisions financières en toute connaissance de cause.

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  • BitcoinBTC

  • LitecoinLTC

  • DogecoinDOGE

  • TetherUSDT (trc20)

  • EthereumETH

  • BinancecoinBNB



  • BitcoinBTC

  • LitecoinLTC

  • DogecoinDOGE

  • TetherUSDT (trc20)

  • EthereumETH

  • BinancecoinBNB

  • DollarsUSD

1 BTC ≈ $27937,00

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1 Statistiques Bitcoin en Étherium

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Élevé 26531 26161 30286
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Moyenne 25133 26105 30286
Volatilité 26531 26034 30286

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Questions et réponses

What is the crypto mixer and how to use it?

Crypto-mixer, also known as just mixer, is a service that provides extra privacy and anonymity for cryptocurrency transactions.

The main goal of the crypto mixer is to increase the difficulty of tracking and connecting the sender and recipient of transactions. It reduces the risk of tracking, identifying, and analyzing financial transactions.

Just click on Enable Crypto-Mixer button located in the withdrawal window before proceeding any transaction to activate the crypto-mixer. This will mix your cryptocurrencies with other funds making it difficult to identify their source and track them.

AML withdrawal fee(%)?

Cryptocurrency AML (Anti-Money Laundering) refers to a set of measures implemented to prevent and address financial crimes in cryptocurrencies.

You can unintentionally get such an asset, for instance, by purchasing Bitcoin from an unreliable exchange.

Some exchanges may restrict transactions involving high-risk or very high-risk assets.

By using the Touch Wallet Crypto-Mixer, you can completely eliminate these risks since the resulting cryptocurrency will have an AML rating no higher than 25%.

0% AML – safe asset.

25% AML – almost safe. For example, related to payment services.

50% AML – uncertain level of risk. For example, an address associated with an exchange with a weak KYC.

75% AML – risky asset. For example, related to gambling.

100% AML – highly risky asset. For example, darknet market.

How do I get Touch Coin for free?

1) By using the referral code TOUCH during the registration, new users can take advantage of a limited-time promotion and receive $200 TCC.

2) If you deposit more than $30, you will receive extra $300 TCC.

3) Earn $10 TCC for every new user that you invite to the platform through the affiliate program.

How to participate in the affiliate program?

To access the affiliate program in Touch Wallet app, go to Menu and choose the Partnership tab. There you will find your referral code your referral should enter when registering an account. Both you and your referral will receive 10 TCC for each successful referral made through your unique referral link.

Where do I find my recipient's address?

Follow these steps to find your recipient address in Touch Wallet:

1) Open Touch Wallet app and log in to your account.

2) Choose the cryptocurrency from the list to determine the recipient address.

3) Find Top up Balance option for the selected cryptocurrency and click on it.

4) Upon selecting the cryptocurrency, a QR code and the corresponding wallet address will be displayed on the screen. You can either scan the QR code or copy the wallet address and use it to send the desired amount of funds to your wallet.

5) Please note that you should only use the blockchain specified in the description for the selected cryptocurrency when you top up your account. This way you can ensure that the funds will be successfully credited to your wallet. Please double-check the recipient's address to ensure that you are sending the funds to the correct wallet to avoid the risk of losing them.

What are $TCCs and how do I use them?

Touch Coin (TCC) is a utility token used in Touch Wallet. The purpose of Touch Coin (TCC) is to enable access to various products and services provided by Touch Wallet. You can use TCC tokens to get a discount on goods and services, access specific functions and features of the platform, vote on the project's development, and the like. As the platform keeps growing, you will be able to buy and sell Touch Coin in Touch Wallet.

Transaction limits?

Up to $1000 one-time withdrawal - without verification.

Up to $5000 one time withdrawal - verification by ID.

Up to $100,000 one-time withdrawal - full verification.

There is no restriction on the number of withdrawals that can be made per day.

Please note that many functions will be restricted if you do not complete at least partial verification by ID.

How to buy cryptocurrency with Touch Wallet?

There are two ways to purchase cryptocurrency with Touch Wallet:

The first way is to top up your wallet from any cryptocurrency exchange. To add cryptocurrency to your Touch Wallet account, provide the wallet address specified in the Top Up section, and transfer the desired amount of cryptocurrency to that address.

The second way is to buy cryptocurrency in Touch Wallet. To do so, you must undergo partial KYC verification by submitting your passport details. Then select the desired cryptocurrency and click Buy.

How to use Touch Wallet?

A comprehensive guide to every function of the wallet will be available soon.

How does the verification process go on?

The KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process is a mandatory procedure that involves identifying and verifying the identity of customers in compliance with anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, and other related laws.

To complete the verification process, select the "Profile" section in the menu, then follow the on-screen instructions and upload all the required data.

What do you need Touch Wallet for?

Touch Wallet is used to exchange and store multiple cryptocurrencies.

Touch Wallet offers a secure and user-friendly platform to store and manage digital assets. It helps users to conduct transactions with each other in a fast and easy manner. Moreover, it provides access to new cryptocurrencies through the Launchpad so users can take part in fundraising projects. Touch Wallet also provides additional services to enhance user experience and privacy, such as a crypto-mixer that increases anonymity and mining capacity rental, which broadens users' options for dealing with cryptocurrencies.

What is Touch Wallet?

Touch Wallet is a custodial wallet where you can store and exchange different cryptocurrencies. It offers a variety of services, including a crypto-mixer, P2P trading, Launchpad, mining capacity rental, among others.